Bibliography on Vancouver Lake – Title Page

Bibliography on Vancouver Lake Watershed,

including Burnt Bridge Creek, Flushing Channel, Lake River, and Salmon Creek

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A history of restoration efforts for Vancouver Lake

[Image courtesy of the Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership]
Lenora A. Oftedahl, StreamNet Regional Librarian, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

Recommended Citation: Oftedahl, Lenora A. 2005. Bibliography of Vancouver Lake watershed. Portland, OR: Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, StreamNet Library. []


The following contributed information and documents:

Rod Swanson, Clark County Public Works Dept.
Jeff Schnabel, Clark County Public Works Dept.
Stacie Kelsey, Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Jeroen Kok, Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation Dept.
Dvija Michael Bertish, Rosemere Neighborhood Association
Thom McConathy, Friends of the Vancouver Lake Lowlands
Fort Vancouver Regional Library
Port of Vancouver, Washington
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland District

The following provided love and/or support during the long arduous process of my degree:

Matthew, Lily & Anton Oftedahl
The rest of my extended family
Phil Roger, Fish Science Dept Manager, CRITFC
David Liberty, Asst. Librarian
Gabe Sheoships, Library Tech
Todd Hannon, former Asst. Librarian
Shawna Gavin, Shellie Johnson, Jenal Ferdig, & all my other friends & supporters
Dr William Robinson, advisor & professor extraordinaire in the University of Denver Environmental Policy & Management Program