Bibliography on Vancouver Lake – Related Links

Bibliography on Vancouver Lake Watershed:

a history of restoration efforts for Vancouver Lake

(including Burnt Bridge Creek, Flushing Channel, Lake River, and Salmon Creek)

VLWP Bibliography (.pdf format) Summary Timeline Related Links
Vancouver Lake Watershed Partnership
Clark County Parks & Recreation : Vancouver Lake Regional Park
Clark County Vancouver Lake Monitoring (Public beaches page includes Vancouver Lake monitoring information)
Clark County Boating Ordinances
Birding Guide to the Vancouver Lake Area
Clark County Stream Health Report
Level I Technical Assessment Water Resource Inventory Areas 27 and 28, Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board
Salmon-Washougal and Lewis Watershed Management Plan
Lower Columbia Province Plan, Northwest Power & Conservation Council
Vancouver Lake Sailing Club
Vancouver Lake Crew
Vancouver Lake-Clark County, Washington Dept. of Ecology
Wildlife areas and access points: Shillapoo and Vancouver Lake Wildlife Area
Focus: Stream Temperature in the Salmon Creek Watershed
Lake River Tributaries (Lower Columbia Tributaries)
Salmon Creek [and Lake River] (Washington Lower Columbia Salmon Recovery and Fish & Wildlife Subbasin Plan, 2010)
Progress in Geologic Mapping of the Portland Basin, Oregon and Washington
The Geology of Washington: Portland Basin
Volcanoes of Lewis and Clark

Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway News

  • Winter 2003
  • Spring 2003
Wikipedia : Vancouver Lake
Washington State Magazine : Vancouver Lake, a search for solutions great and small
U.S. Geological Survey : Vancouver Lake Nutrient Budget