Library Staff

StreamNet Regional Librarian : Lenora A. Oftedahl

Book Cover "The Library"

Primary responsibilities: Overall management of the library, organization of materials, collection development & acquisitions.

Brief Biography: A lifelong love of books led to a career as a librarian. Icing on the cake is working with an organization tied to the environment. She also enjoys needlecraft when a book is not handy. Family takes up the remainder of her time with 1 husband, 2 adult children, 7 cats and 2 dogs.

Asst Regional Librarian : David M. Liberty

Book cover "God Is Red"

Primary responsibilities: Coordinating reference & research, interlibrary borrowing & lending, & public speaking.

Brief Biography: Trained in forestry, educated in archaeology, David has a unique understanding of the natural resources history of the region. A grandfather 6 times over, David awaits retirement with grace and fortitude, although he has about 15 more years before that date.

Library Technician : Robert Van Pelt

Primary responsibilities: Serials management (tracking subscriptions), new material identification, and shelving materials. Assists with everything.

Brief Biography: Robert brings a wealth of knowledge about tribal traditions to the library. He will be happy to share his knowledge with you while discussing the importance of the library to the conservation of the Columbia Basin’s natural resources.  Robert is a father with extremely intelligent children.

Library Technician : Leah Miller

Primary responsibilities: Book processing.  Inventory and shelving of materials. Assists with everything.

Brief Biography: Leah grew up fishing on the Columbia River.  She has unique knowledge of the area and tribal traditions. Leah has a wicked sense of humor, which she uses to keep her large family entertained.