House Document 531

House Document 531 (81st Congress, 2nd Session [1952])

Columbia River and Tributaries, Northwestern United States. Letter from the Secretary of the Army transmitting a letter from the Chief of Engineers, United States Army, dated June 28, 1949, submitting a report, together with accompanying papers and illustrations, on a review of reports on, and preliminary examinations and surveys of, the Columbia River and tributaries, Northwestern United States, made pursuant to several Congressional authorizations listed in the report. In eight volumes.

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Vol. 1, Letter of transmittal, Comments, Letters, & Reports
Vol. 2, Appendix A — Columbia River Basin in Canada
Appendix B — Kootenai River Basin
Appendix C — Clark Fork – Pend Oreille Basin
Vol. 3, Appendix D — Spokane River Basin
Appendix E — Yakima River Basin
Appendix F — Columbia River and minor tributaries from Canadian Border to mouth of Yakima River
 Vol. 4,  Appendix G — Upper Snake River Basin
Appendix H — Central Snake River Basin
Appendix I — Middle and Lower Snake River Basin
Vol. 5, Appendix J — Willamette River Basin
Vol. 6, Appendix K — Minor tributaries below Yakima River
Appendix L — Main Columbia River below Yakima River
Vol. 7, Appendix M — Coordinated water use development
Appendix P — Fish and wildlife
Appendix Q — Legal
Appendix R — Inventory of projects and investigation — Bibliography
Vol. 8, Appendix N — Power markets and developments in the Pacific Northwest
Appendix O — Power generation and transmission
Appendix S — Federal Power Commission review of power market study