About Us

The StreamNet Library serves the scientific community of the Pacific Northwest and those working in cooperation with the region’s fish and wildlife recovery efforts, who are not otherwise served by a specialized library. We also serve the General Public who are interested in the issues surrounding the Columbia Basin and Salmon Recovery Efforts. The Library offers research assistance, interlibrary lending and borrowing, document delivery and other library services.

The Library provides access to technical information and research on the Columbia River basin fisheries, ecosystems and other relevant subjects for states in the Pacific Northwest. This information can be found in books, journals , computer files, technical reports, and other formats. The Library currently contains approximately 60,000 items and places particular emphasis on less commonly available “grey” literature, such as consultants’ reports, state government documents and non-profit organizations’ reports. Please search the catalog to find books and reports. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact the Library at fishlib@critfc.org