Investigative Reports of Columbia River Fisheries Project

Pacific Northwest Regional Commission. 1976. Investigative Reports of Columbia River Fisheries Project.

Cover, table of contents, preface

Habitat Changes

A. Columbia Basin fisheries – past, present and future (Kenneth Thompson)
B. Solutions to critical habitat problems in the Columbia Basin (Richard L. Allen)
C. Major dams on Columbia River and tributaries (Dorien C. Lavier)
D. Implementation of critical programs for Columbia and Snake River salmon and steelhead runs [an interim report] (Lloyd A. Phinney)
E. Fish runs (Kirk T. Beiningen)
F. Compensation (Kirk T. Beiningen)

Production of Wild Fish

G. Distribution of salmon and steelhead in Columbia River Basin, 1850-1975 (Dorien C. Lavier)
H. Contribution to escapement (Dorien C. Lavier)
I. Yakima Basin (Dorien C. Lavier)
J. Relationship with hatchery fish (Dorien C. Lavier)
K. Future values of wild populations of anadromous fish(Dorien C. Lavier)
L. Action needed to preserve and enhance wild population(Dorien C. Lavier)
M. Artifical propagation (David W. Ortmann, Fred Cleaver, & Kenneth R. Higgs)
N. Sport angling regulation and management (Kenneth Thompson)
O. Commercial fishery regulations and management objectives with observations on sport fishery catch statistics  (Lloyd A. Phinney)
P. Indian fishery (Kirk T. Beiningen)
Q. Philosophies and programs of Federal agencies for production of wild and hatchery stocks (Fred Cleaver)
R. Apportionment of Columbia River salmon and steelhead (Kirk T. Beiningen)
S. Administrative, legal and political problems (Kenneth Thompson)
T. Systems for decision making (David W. Ortmann)
U. Improved economic evaluation of commercially and sport-caught salmon and steelhead of the Columbia River (William G. Brown, Douglas M. Larson, Richard S. Johnston, Roy J. Wahle)
V. Proposal for management models for the Columbia River salmon and steelhead identification