Survey of the Columbia River and Its Tributaries

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Special Scientific Reports

  • pt.1 : Introduction
  • pt.2 : Washington streams from the mouth of the Columbia River to and including the Klickitat River (Area I)
    p.4, pt. 1
    test p.4, pt. 1
    p.4, pt. 2
    p.52, pt. 1
    p.52, pt. 2
  • pt.3 : Below Bonneville Dam (excluding Willamette River system) ; Willamette River System ; Above Bonneville Dam (to but not including Deschutes River)
  • pt.4 : Area III Washington streams from the Klickitat and Snake Rivers to Grand Coulee Dam, with notes on the Columbia and its tributaries above Grand Coulee Dam.
  • pt.5 : Sub-area Deschutes and John Day River Systems ; Sub-area Umatilla and Walla Walla River Systems
    p.23, pt. 1
    p.23, pt. 2
  • pt.6 : Area V – Snake River system from the mouth through the Grande Ronde River
  • pt.7 : Area VI. Snake River from above the Grande Ronde River through the Payette River
  • pt.8 : Area VII. Snake River, above Payette River to upper Salmon Falls

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