Habitat Hotline

Published by the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission from 1992 through 1999.

ABOUT THE HABITAT HOTLINE: The Habitat Hotline was discontinued in December, 1999.To have an impact on natural resource policy decisions, the fishing industry needs to be cognizant of important local, regional, and national marine habitat issues. It was the purpose of the Habitat Hotline to act as an informational source and bulletin board of marine, estuarine, and upstream land/water issues that affect the quality and quantity of West Coast (Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California) fisheries habitat.

Examples of information provided in Habitat Hotline include federal legislation such as the Clean Water Act; regional issues such as salvage logging and coho salmon recovery planning; and state and local issues. Fish habitat educational and reference materials, as well as habitat related conference information is also often provided.