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Marine Effects of Fukushima Radiation

The StreamNet Regional Library was asked to find the most recent information about the radiation being detected on the west coast of North America from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. As I was looking for this information, I realized that there was no bibliography on the internet that tracked all the studies being done on the marine effects. Yes, there is a page on WHOI (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) that tracks news (, but nothing that lists the scientific research being done to track the radiation as it flows through the oceans.

Being a librarian, I decided to begin compiling a bibliography on the marine effects of Fukushima.  The draft is located here:

Being one person, I would appreciate everyone taking a look. Please feel free to suggest addition, deletions, corrections, and/or websites for articles missing URLs.

Citing Data Sets

Do you know about DOI?  Did you know this special code can be applied to not just journal articles but also to data sets?  The DOI will help keep your data secure and make sure proper attribution is made to the data developer(s).  You can also use the DOI for version control when working with data sets that are updated or corrected.  They can be used to embargo your data as well so others can’t see it or use it unless you release the data to them.

The StreamNet Library can help you get DOI’s for your data sets. Contact us to find out more about this service.

Bibliography Development

Yes, we are willing to work with you to develop bibliographies for posting to websites.  We will also host digital documents on our server.  We will catalog these documents for inclusion in our electronic collections.

While developing your bibliography, we will also look at what we currently have to possibly add to your listings. These bibliographies are collaborations between the agency and the library.

We are also willing to catalog the physical materials at your location and host a ‘branch’ library in our catalog to enable your local researchers to have a searchable catalog of your materials.

Aquatic Commons

The Aquatic Commons is a digital library being developed by the International Association of Aquatic Marine Science Libraries Information Centers and will be hosted by the IODE/ODINS (Intergovernmental Oceanic  Commission, Ocean Data and Information Networks)  (more…)

Northwest Fish Culture Conference

The Northwest Fish Culture Conference history and recent proceedings are now available at the StreamNet Library. For donations of proceeding materials contact the StreamNet Library (more…)