Details, Details

Do you ever wonder how librarians think?  Here’s some insight.  We are methodical and practical.  We love details, and when computer file names were finally released from the 8 character restriction, we rejoiced.  But we also didn’t just blindly allow the computer to name our files.  We have a system.

Or the StreamNet Regional Library has a system for naming files, especially in the face of over 10,000 digital documents.  We want the file names to be predictable and simple.  If you find one Fish Passage Center Annual Report, you can find the rest by changing the date in the file name.

Our abbreviations are even standardized.  Report is shortened to Rept.

One of the reasons our file names are case-sensitive is because we do capitalize important words to keep the file name from running together.

Punctuation is usually a hyphen. (Did you know that a dash is actually 2 hypens?)  We do occasionally use underscores between words, but in keeping with trying to simplify, we try to limit punctuation.

So, now you know.  And if you find one book in a series you should be able to find the rest of the files in the series.  If you can’t, please contact us and we’ll see if we have the file available.