Moving Servers

While to the general public, our website may seem exactly the same, we have made some changes to hopefully make your experience a bit better when visiting the library on the Interwebs. Moving servers is much like moving house. Something will happen to mess up what should be an easy transition.

When moving house, you simply pack up each room and neatly label each box. At the new house, you unpack and store all your things. Except perhaps you underestimated shelf space in the new kitchen. Your bed is just a few inches too wide for the closet door to open. You will never be able to plan for all the what if’s and learn to roll with the changes as they come, especially if you move a lot. (I was a military child.)

Moving servers you hope the database all gets transferred to the new host, but sometimes, addresses change just that little bit and we all know they break SO easily: just one letter or number. Anyway, we moved servers at the beginning of June. Our WordPress website moved to Happy Dog web hosting services (not necessarily an endorsement as we have not been there long). They have better tools to keep up with the necessary security fixes for WordPress sites and they promise to keep the website up and running.

Our library catalog moved to ByWater Solutions, again a professional service that will keep our Koha integrated library system (ILS) up and running efficiently with very little downtime. They have also seemed to fix the error we were experiencing with searches being disallowed by our firewall for some folks with THOSE IP addresses. They also offer some other technical support that we badly needed in order to maximize our use of the Koha software.

All this to say that we hope our problems are over and if you experience a problem, PLEASE let us know (, If we don’t know there’s a problem, we can’t fix it and get you the information you need.