What’s In A Name?

The StreamNet Regional Library is in a quandary as we reach our 30th anniversary in the next few years.  Founded as part of the CIS/NED/StreamNet Project in 1988, we are part of the Columbia Basin Fish & Wildlife Program funded through the Northwest Power & Conservation Council via the Bonneville Power Administration.  As a project administered by the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, we began as a salmon biology library, but have grown into all kinds of natural resource information for the Pacific Northwest.

Our geography covers northern California through Alaska, including the western Canadian provinces from the coast to Montana, Idaho, a bit of Wyoming, and Alberta.

We cover upland, riverine, and aquatic habitats for fish, game, and nongame species.  Water quality is a large section.  We have books on hydropower, a few on wind power, and climate change.

The question becomes, what does StreamNet mean?  We’re looking for a new name.  We’ll consider all entries and have our patrons vote on what we should be called.