Toutle River, Washington

Evaluation of downstream migrant passage through the sediment retention structure, North Fork Toutle River, 1991.

1989 Toutle River fish collection facility operation and salmonid investigations.

Recovery of winter-run steelhead in the Toutle River watershed (1986)

Addendum to the 8/13/80 naturally spawning population estimates memo

Evolution of a drainage network: remote sensing analysis of the North Fork Toutle River, Mt St Helens, Washington.    (Oversize maps)

Upper Toutle River watershed analysis

North Toutle Hatchery – coho (type S) [Hatchery evaluation report]

North Toutle Hatchery – tule fall Chinook [Hatchery evaluation report]

North Toutle Hatchery form 5 adult report, Toutle River tule Chinook

Comparison of the effects of adult return timing on Cowlitz and Toutle Hatchery coho on catch and escapement

Effects of Mount St Helens eruption on salmon populations and habitat in the Toutle River

North Fork Toutle Winter Steelhead Population and Related Hatchery Programs

Geomorphological analysis of North Fork, Toutle River, Washington: 1980-1984

Mount St Helens eruption : long-term program for Cowlitz and Toutle River  Basins, Cowlitz County

Estimation of flood frequency changes in the Toutle and Cowlitz River basins following the eruption of Mt. St. Helens

Carbon dioxide as an anesthetic for handling steelhead collected at the Toutle River Fish Collection Facility, 1990

Toutle Hatchery site clearing & access road construction

Toutle Hatchery feasibility study   (separate file: 11×17 pages)

Effects of the Mount St Helens eruption on the benthic fauna of the Toutle River, Muddy River, and Pine Creek drainage basins, Washington